ASUS Xonar D1
internal, PCI, ADC: 24 bit, bit d/a converter: 24 bit, signal-to-noise ratio ADC: 112 DB, EAX 2, ASIO: 2.0, OpenAL, multi-channel output, optical S/PDIF out,
Main characteristics
Type internal
Connection type PCI
External synchronization True
EAX Version 2
Support For ASIO 2.0
Built-in fonokorrektor True
Support ADAT True
Support For AES/EBU True
OpenAL Support False
The possibility to generate multi-channel audio False
Phantom power True
Built-in Panel controllers True
Technical specifications
Adc 24 bit
Bit D/A CONVERTER 24 bit
Maximum frequency ADCS 192 kHz
Maximum frequency CONVERTER (multichannel) 192 kHz
The maximum frequency of DACs (stereo) 192 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio D/a CONVERTERS 112 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio ADC 112 dB
ADC THD 0.0004 %
DAC THD 0.00056 %
Interfaces and connectors
Digital Coaxial output S/PDIF True
Digital optical S/PDIF out False
Number of output analog channels 8
Number of output analog connectors 4
Digital Coaxial S/PDIF True
The number of input analog channels 2
Digital S/PDIF optical input True
The number of input connector of TS/TRS 1
The number of mic inputs 1
Insert Connector True
Tool input (Hi-Z) True
Remote Control True

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